Important Child Qualities and Human Development Index Around the World

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Analytical Trail

The child qualities survey data was taken from World Values Survey which studies changing values and their impact on social and political life and Human development index data was taken from Gapminder . I chose important child qualities because it subjective data compared to objective factors like life expectancy, education, and per capita income indicators that are used to calculate Human Development Index. Comparing child qualities to development can add some perspective to our knowledge of the world.

Interesting Insights

1. Tolerance and Responsibility are important child qualities irrespective of culture but Imagination is not.
2. Being thrifty is a more important child quality in Eastern countries than Western countries.
3. In China, religious faith as a child quality dropped drastically from 2000 to 2009.
4. Obedience is a more important child quality in the USA than in China, surprisingly.
5. Hardwork is not an important child quality in Germany, Poland and Nordic countries unlike what stereotypes suggest.
6. Lots of developed countries with high HDI had lower percentage of people who rated most child qualities as important compared to developing countries with lower HDI.

Manipulating Data

First I collected data of ten child qualities from WVS for four time phases in spreadsheets. Then, I matched them to their country code. I got the basic code of an interactive map from here because it had the Mercator projection of world which is familiar to most of us. Then, I added a drop-down list, legend and slider to visualise ten qualities in a span of 20 years.