Lead Frontend Designer

October 2019 - Present

JobTech, Singapore


Reimagining Talented platform to cater to the learning & development needs of job-seekers or employees (talents), as well as recruitment needs of HR or recruiters.

On most days, I design and work on frontend programming since we are a small start-up with less than 10 employees.



When I joined the company, this was the original look of Talented. Talents would upload their CV to the platform and based on their profile, jobs and new skills were recommended in mostly text-heavy UI.

My first task was to rethink the platform to be more social and community oriented (based on a customer requested feature).

I did plenty of prototypes (on Sketch + Invision, sometimes HTML) testing various ideas, and then we landed on a forum-like concept.

What did we learn based on feedback?

   After uploading CV, users liked to see their skills extracted automatically by the engine. But rarely did they explore the 'skills you should have' section since it was on a different page.

   During the demo, users were interested in the community feature but they kept showing uncertainty if anyone would really be motivated enough to start discussions with peers and if the learning element was obvious to them.


To introduce an engaging learning experience, I started including more illustrations, especially in the onboarding process.

We also showed user's top skills followed by skills they should learn together so that discovery and action items were tied together.

And finally, community learning was made easier to use by displaying a realtime feed of other top discussions.

What did we learn?

   With the onboarding (upload CV -> see skills), people had more questions now than before. We wanted to step back and rethink the changes we made.

   Users were impressed by the microlearning feature (news feed personalised to users). So, we considered making it more prominent on the home page and also considered sending this as a email newsletter to users.


I took inspiration from several user-engagement focussed platforms like Flipboard, Pinterest, Linkedin and tweaked our UI to have a balance of information, insights and an element of sleek design.

The main focus was making the onboarding really simple in the beginning, and with each step from the user (e.g. upload cv), provide interesting insights.

The secondary focus was emphasising that everything on Talented is personalised - personalised learning, personalised insights and personalised career planning.

Onboarding process

User's skills profile, community and job search page - all focussed on learning, sharing and personal growth.


Based on user feedback during demos and observing what other platforms do with onboarding, we want to consider involving the user more in the personalised learning journey. For example, engage them in curating their skills profile or creating learning goals.

Since I'm also a frontend programmer, I also look for ways to improve small things like ensuring the results are fast, and create interesting loading animations to improve the UX.

And finally, thank you for reading so far! If you have any suggestions or questions, I'd love to hear from you. You are amazing.